TERA news 27.08.2021

Yuriy Ivanov
1 min readAug 28, 2021

1. In a month (in agreement with the community) we are planning to make a hard fork of the network.
Main planned improvements:
- issue of a new coin format (according to the ERC type) in order to create tokens with a variety of logic, for example: commission and burning of coins during transfer transactions.
- expanding the size of the smart contract code to create larger-scale dapps.
- dynamic updating of the cost of system transactions (such as the creation of new smart contracts), and in the future the creation of a voting system for this.
- other changes that facilitate the programming of dapps (new methods in smart contracts)

2. We have launched a new TeraSWAP DAPP in the MVP test network: http://teraswap.io
Further steps for TeraSWAP:
- Professional design (already being developed)
- Launching in mainnet and adding popular coins (working together with TeraHub)
-Issuing a built-in TSWAP coin, which will be credited with 25% of the profit from all commissions.
- Finding early investors (we already have offers, but we are still considering new applications)
-Advertising company and presale of the next part of the tokens
- Listing on stock exchanges

Telegram: https://t.me/openteraswap