TeraUpdate September 2021

Yuriy Ivanov
2 min readSep 4, 2021


Actual version: https://gitlab.com/terafoundation/tera2/-/blob/master/Doc/Eng/release2600.md

System transaction

  • The update will be launched through the initiating transaction
  • The pricing of the cost of operations for creating new smart contracts and the cost of storing information in the blockchain is determined by the PriceDAO parameter, which is set by the system transaction.

Added to smarts

  • Increased the length of the token code (up to 12)
  • Changed the maximum number of smart execution ticks (specified in the transaction’s TxTicks parameter, the maximum allowed value is set in the PriceDAO parameter)
  • Now is allowed to read Storage (KeyValue methods) of other smart contracts
  • The minimum free Storage size is set in the PriceDAO parameter
  • Added serialization methods from the terabuf library (GetObjectFromBuffer, GetBufferFromObject)
  • Added the method method for working with fromCodePoint () strings
  • Fixed the behavior of sha256 for byte arrays
  • Increased the maximum size of dapps from 16 to 64 kbytes
  • The lifetime (relative to the block number)has been added to the Run and Transfer transaction format
  • Added a transaction for managing the visibility of the dapp client part (HTML part)
  • Added a new format for creating smart cards version 2 (each smart can be a token automatically)
  • Added a new format for sending coin transfer transactions with token support (including NFT)

New and changed methods and events

  • OnTransfer () — event for physically sending an ERC / NFT token
  • OnGetBalance () — event for getting the balance of the ERC / NFT token
  • Move (), Send () — added new parameters for working with ERC / NFT tokens
  • getBalance () — method for getting the balance of the ERC / NFT token
  • OnSend (), OnGet() — new parameters for processing the transfer of ERC / NFT tokens
  • RegInWallet () — a method for registering a new currency in the wallet
  • Call () — calling other smart methods
  • OnProxy () — a predefined event called if a method is not found (called externally)
  • CreateSmart () — creating new smarts inside other smart contracts