Ultimate blockchain crypto bridge

Yuriy Ivanov
3 min readMar 12, 2021


A common world bridge between all blockchains.

In 2021, it seems already obvious that we need a single association of all blockchains among themselves, a single information space for the transfer of coins or NFT tokens, such as collectible cards.

Until now, such a partial solution was only for money and it was in the form of centralized exchanges, where you could exchange one coin for another.

Currently, many protocols for reliable communication between blockchains have already been developed. For example, the protocol based on an insurance deposit described in this article (https://progr76.medium.com/how-to-build-bridges-between-blockchains-a5a6a3c845) has provable reliability and does not depend on the type of consensus between blockchains (pow or pos, etc.). Thus, it can be considered a crime against the convenience of users.

Let’s actually create a new decentralized web3, where all projects are integrated with each other, where you can easily and decentralize the exchange of coins and other information, including NFT tokens.

Monsters and small projects

Almost every day, new blockchain projects appear that seek to change the world. Not everyone gets it, but the chance to bring something new to small projects is greater than that of large monsters because of the conservatism of the latter.
Some monsters call themselves “mothers of blockchains”, they offer to create a parachain on their code. But I have questions for them:
-how much money does it cost to create your own parachain, do crypto enthusiasts have such money?
- is parachain really a new technological breakthrough, or is it more correct to call it stagnation since 2017?

Some may say that they have grants, send them an application and you can get a free opportunity to use the parachain. But why should they decide the fate of your project? This is a fake decentralization on parachains.

Big projects kill decentralization. We need to take the fate of web3 into our own hands. Let’s start building the right world.

Сommon hub

I will try to answer the question — Why do small projects need this:

1) We are building a common hub. Creating a bridge with each blockchain is done for free and by our own efforts. You will not need to spend programmers ‘ resources on development.

2)We have fast and free transactions for the DeFi ecosystem to thrive, such as AMM Swap. We have already created a swap for ReservedUSD and will create swaps for each bridge coin.

3) We are building bridges with Ethereum, Binance chain and other major platforms.

What’s next?

If you like this idea and you are the founder or technical leader of a blockchain project, then write to us.

What we need from a partner project:

  1. Prior consent (in our public channel or in private telegram: @progr76)
  2. Allocation of some coins to create a smart contract
  3. Official consent (publication on the Internet)
  4. After creating the bridge — allocation of coins for the bridge’s security deposit

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Yuriy Ivanov